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    • 14 Sep 2017
    • 10:00 AM
    • 17 Sep 2017
    • Hyatt Regency, Reston Virginia


    This event is not an AAAOM annual conference, however, discounts are available to AAAOM members. Go to member discounts if you are logged in, or email at for more info on membership discount to registration.

    How is Building Bridges for TCM Different?

    The electric energy field of Building Bridges for TCM draws our participants back year after year. For more than a decade, we have dedicated ourselves to building a loyal, multidisciplinary following that continues to grow. This innovative event is designed to support you, the integrative practitioner or health-seeker, and allow you to engage in an experience where real transformation is possible. We all feel the powerful connection to this body–mind–spirit healing tradition. From morning Taoist meridian stretches to healing sessions of Qigong Meridian Therapy or Lifeforce: Tao of Medical Qigong, to evening dialogues, you can engage with an extraordinary group of presenters and colleagues. Building Bridges for TCM is a journey that offers the unique tools to change lives and help transform others.

    Goals and Objectives

    Our Mission

    Building Bridges for TCM seeks to continue to offer innovative, effective ways to expand health options and improve outcomes in the U.S. We aim to do this by educating CAM and integrative healthcare and medical practitioners in classical Chinese medicine’s Five Element framework on the role of consciousness, belief systems, emotions and organ function in creating and maintaining optimum health. We seek to offer participants wisdom, knowledge, information and techniques to develop personal protocols of physical movement, self-cultivation and self-care. This path allows them to experience the interrelationship between body–mind–spirit, to model health and orchestrate a healing environment for patients. We seek to present the authentic ancient philosophical principles and theories underlying traditional Chinese medicine and create an understanding of this holistic medical system that emerged several thousand years ago from a powerful spiritual practice.

    Our ultimate mission is to broaden the contemporary understanding of health and wellness by introducing TCM’s innate concepts of self-empowerment, responsibility, self-care and prevention into the current paradigm of healing and recovery.

    Conference Goals

    • Develop a deep understanding of the theoretical, philosophical and spiritual framework within which the classical medical system of TCM operates.
    • Offer today’s healthcare practitioners insight into TCM principles, theories, techniques and case studies, as well their correlation with principles of modern science.
    • Raise awareness and increase integration of TCM in the U.S. by defining and explicating its body–mind–spirit approach.
    • Introduce protocols of prevention, self-care and self-cultivation for ourselves and patients that encompass body–mind–spirit medicine.
    • Study the connections between consciousness, body–mind–spirit medicine and good health.

    Conference Learning Objectives

    At the conclusion of this educational event, participants should be able to:

    • Summarize the theoretical, philosophical and spiritual framework within which the ancient medical system of TCM operates.
    • Compare the advantages of treating the whole person by restoring balance and strengthening the individual’s healing ability instead of focusing exclusively on illness or disease to improve patient care.
    • Differentiate some of the positive contributions TCM could make to prevention within contemporary healthcare.
    • Explain the purpose and value of self-cultivation in the practice of body–mind–spirit medicine.
    • Demonstrate an ability to hold an informed discussion with patients about TCM as a complementary therapy for certain health conditions discussed at this event.

    Building Bridges of Integration for TCM has been convened for 13 years by Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation. We are grateful to our conference co-chairs and our organizing committee for their guidance.

    Conference Co-Chairs

    Frances L. Brisbane, PhD
    Vice President, Health Sciences Work Force Diversity, State University of New York at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY

    Nan Lu, OMD, Founding Director and President
    Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation
    New York, New York

    Organizing Committee

    Xiu-Min Li, MD, MS (Committee Chair)
    Professor, Pediatrics, Allergies and Immunology
    Mount Sinai School of Medicine
    New York, NY

    Stephen Cowan, MD, FAAP, CAc
    The Westchester Center for Holistic Families, Mt Kisco, NY

    Lixin Huang, MS, President
    American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
    San Francisco, CA

    Lixing Lao, PhD, MB
    Endowed Professor in Integrative Medicine
    Director, School of Chinese Medicine
    The University of Hong Kong

    Michael Taromina, Esq.

    • 16 Sep 2017
    • 17 Sep 2017
    • Washington, D.C.

    American TCM Congress is a national clinical education forum and annual meeting of the American TCM Association (ATCMA), and the TCM American Alumni Association (TCMAAA).  This year’s meeting will take place in Washington DC on September 16-17, 2017, with many renowned TCM professionals from China and US. At this conference, attendees will be able to attend many advanced lectures, seminars, and, most importantly, to observe live demonstrations of a variety of needling techniques by world-renowned professionals.  Participants will earn 14 CEU credits issued by the conference.

    This conference offers not only professional learning, but also opportunities to make new friends and connect with old friends.  After the conference, sightseeing opportunities in the nation’s capital will be available: The White House, Capitol Hill, National Museums, and many other local and historical sites.   Do not miss this great opportunity and register with us early.

    Conference Name:

    The 3rd American TCM Congress & 2017 ATCMA/TCMAAA Annual Meeting

    II. Organization

    1. Organizer: ATCMA/TCMAAA
    2. Co-organizers:

               American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

               TCMzone, LLC.

               US Center for Chinese Medicine (BUCM)

               Anhui University of Chinese Medicine American Alumni Association

    III. Meeting Location, Dates and Time

    This Congress will take place in Washington DC in September 16th-17th, 2017.

    1. Meeting Location:

    Hyatt Regency Tysons Corner Center

    7901 Tysons One Pl, Tysons, VA 22102

    Tel: 1-800-233-1234 (code: ATCMA) or 1-703-893-1234

    2.                  Date and Time: September 16-17, 2017

    September 16th, 2017

    Morning Sections:      8: 00 am-9: 00 am - Registration

               9: 00 am-10: 00 am - Keynote Speaker/Opening Remarks

                                      10: 00 am-12: 00 pm - Theme Lectures & seminars

    Lunch Hour:               12: 00 pm-1: 00 pm

    Afternoon Sections:   1: 00 pm-5: 00 pm - Variety of special needling technique lectures and demonstrations

    September 17th, 2017

    Morning Sections:       8: 00 am-12: 00 pm - Variety of special needling technique lectures and                                         demonstrations

    Lunch Hour:                12: 00 pm-1: 00 pm

    Afternoon:                  1: 00 pm-5: 00 pm - Variety of special needling technique lectures and                                           demonstrations

    IV. Congress Theme

    This Congress is a US-China scientific research forum, as well as a US-China educational forum.  The highlight of the conference is the demonstration of a wide range of Special Acupuncture Techniques.  In this conference, the demonstration of a variety of special needling techniques by outstanding acupuncture experts will broaden the views of attendees and will promote future research and exploration into acupuncture.  There will be opportunities for interested individuals with the same interests to learn from each other and find master teachers. There will also be opportunities for business cooperation.  Interested parties can find business partners and sign contracts for cooperation.  This will promote the future development of Chinese Medicine.

    The Congress venue also provides the opportunity to convene the TCMAAA / ATCMA Council, and a joint meeting of the professional committee and the executive department.  There will also be a conference report including the outstanding papers and discussion exchanges at the conference.

    V. Call for Paper and Paper Requirements

    1.      Scope of Paper Topics: Papers related to traditional Chinese medicine education, research, clinical experience, health, integration of traditional Chinese and western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine legislation are all welcome; papers on subjects related to the themes of the Conference are preferred for compilation into the conference report (1. Forum on scientific research and education between the United States and Chinese; 2. Specialized acupuncture techniques).

    2.                   Paper Requirements:

    • Front page should include the followings: paper title, author's name, address and 300 word abstracts in Chinese or English.
    • Word document format.
    • Attach and email paper to: .   Use “annual meeting papers-author name" as the subject of email, and include author's name, mailing address, and telephone number in message content.
    • Deadline: submitted by July 1, 2017

    VI. Participants

    Anyone who is engaged in traditional Chinese medicine, including working in education, research, clinical applications, health, medical equipment providers, Chinese herbal medicine suppliers, other professional experts and scholars, can participate as long as they pay the conference fees.  

    If you are an international participant who needs an invitation letter for visa application, please specify your requirements for an invitation letter at the time of registration.  Also please provide contact information and WeChat address.  Once the registration fee and invitation letter request are received, we will contact you.

    VII. Fee and Payment Methods

    1.      Fees:

    1.      Registration fee:

    ·         Value Discount through April 30

          Members: $ 380/2 days, $ 200/day

          Non-member: $ 400/2 days, $ 220/day

    ·         Discount price through the end of June

          Member: $ 430/2 days, $ 230/day

          Non-members: $ 450/2 days, $ 250/1 day

    ·         Normal Attendance Fee after July 1st:

          Members: $ 480/2 days, $ 280/day

          Non-member: $ 500/2 days, $ 300/day

    Note: If you are already member of ATCMA, please be sure to log in and register as an ATCMA member for this meeting, so that you can receive the ATCMA discount price. Attendees who need CEU credits should enter their acupuncture license numbers.

               2)   Exhibitor Fee:

               The exhibitor fee for medical equipment providers and Chinese herbal medicine suppliers: $ 980.00. Discount price ends on 05/30/2017: $800.00. Price for advertisers who have signed contracts on ATCMA website and WeChat: $ 700.00.

    2.                  Payment Method:

    1.      Money Wiring Transfer

    ·         Beneficiary’s Name: America TCM Association

    ·         Beneficiary’s Address: 10333 Seminole Blvd., Suite 5, Largo, Florida   33778 USALink:

    XI.  Steering and Working Group for the Congress

    1. Steering Group Members: Haihe Tian, Hui Wei, Ying Fan, Ming Jin, Deguang He, Jipu Wen, Guanhu Yang, Chong He, Wei Liu, Changzhen Gong, Suhong Xiao, Hui Ouyang, Angus Simmons etc.
    • 2.      Working Group Members: Haihe Tian, Hui Wei, Ying Fan, Jipu Wen, Zhuying Huang, Ning Wang, Scott Si Zhe Lin, Chengchao Yin, Jihong Ding, Wenying Lin, Yarong Wang, Jian Sun, Jian Shu, Deguang He, Guixiang Che, Yiqian Shen, Zhanxiang Wang, Bo Ji, Chong He, Gongchang Zhen, Weiying Zhang, Yanping Gu, Yongping Chen, etc.

    • 21 Oct 2017
    • 22 Oct 2017
    • Tampa, Florida

    (CEU’s Not Affiliated with AAAOM)

     Contact information for the CEU provider: 


    Medical Qigong is being revered as a “Miracle Medicine”
    Please join us for our newest live intensive – Medical Qigong Intensive: The Ultimate Mind Body Medicine, a 2-day hands-on workshop with David J. Coon, Medical Qigong Master. Learn to cultivate and direct Qi for yourself and to bring profound healing to your clients.
    This 15 hour hands-on course is for both lay people and professionals. Acupuncturists & Massage Therapists receive 15 CEUs!

    Medical Qigong Intensive: The Ultimate Mind Body Medicine is a 2-day hands-on workshop with David J. Coon, Medical Qigong Master. Learn Medical Qigong Exercises and Techniques to alleviate pain, calm the heart and boost the immune system.

    It is becoming more of a well-known fact that the mind, body and spirit are not separate. By bringing greater awareness combined with the power of intention to the body we create the possibility for deep healing to occur. Quantum physicists are scientifically demonstrating that everything is made up of energy and that with our minds we have the power to influence it.

    In this intensive, you will learn both Qigong Exercises to teach your students and Medical Qigong Techniques to support the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Our students have both healed their own conditions and exponentially increased their patients’ healing results using Qigong.

    15 PDA Points approved by NCCAOM* for Acupuncturists, 15 CEU Units approved byFlorida Acupuncture Board: CE Broker # 50-18015 and 15 CEU Units approved byCalifornia Acupuncture Board: CA Provider #1156 – Category 1 for Acupuncturists Licensed in California. 15 CAE Units approved byTexas Medical Board.

    15 CEsapproved by NCBTMB for Massage Therapists:David Coon is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider, NCBTMB #1015. 15 CEU Units approved by Florida & Georgia Board of Massage Therapy, CE Broker # 50-18015.

    *NCCAOM is the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine.  We here at Qigong Awareness offer 15 PDA Points approved by NCCAOM in Core Competency in the AOM-BIO Category.  This is the main area for continuing education requirements, each four-year renewal period, by the NCCAOM.  You may take up to 56 of the required 60 PDA points in this category in 2017.

    You will receive a certificate upon successful completion of our live Medical Qigong Intensive.


    ·         10 Qigong Exercises – to alleviate pain

    ·         Guided Meditation – to calm the heart

    ·         Treatment Techniques – to boost immune system

    ·         Medical Qigong Demonstrations

    ·         and more…


    Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Qigong Instructors, Yoga Instructors, Martial Arts Instructors, Reiki Practitioners,  other professionals and lay people are welcome to attend. No prerequisites needed.


    Seminar Fee:$395

    Early Bird Rate: Only $375 if pre-paid 1 month prior.

    Refund Policy: No Refunds. No Exceptions. One Time Transfers Only. A transfer may be allowed in the case of emergency at President’s Discretion if there is another course available.  There is a $35 transfer fee for all approved transfers. Approved transfers must be completed within 1 year.


     Contact information for the CEU provider: 


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