October 20, 2007

Greetings Colleagues & Friends:


The endeavor to produce this commemorative book came about as a result of the desire to honor pioneers and leaders and teachers in acupuncture and Oriental medicine and its evolution in the United States.

Nominees responded with a candor that amazed me as the primary interviewer. These leaders have endured challenging times, put in countless, grueling volunteer hours, and sacrificed time away from family and livelihood. Not everyone willingly discusses such experiences. I found utter grace, sobering wisdom, and many pearls of insight with each of the individuals with whom I have had the precious gift of speaking. 

Studying acupuncture and Oriental medicine is easily accessible today, with many books, teachers, styles, schools, and masters and doctoral level programs available to the public. These interviews allow us to consider how our forefathers risked jail-time merely for practicing, had needles embargoed, and had to search far and wide for teachers and information. Yet for us, the right to practice lays at our feet, waiting patiently for our embrace and appreciation; our striving to master it as best we can, combined with our honor to keep our medicine alive in its holistic form. 


A spiritual teacher once shared with me that Acupuncture and Oriental medicine is much like birds flying in formation. The bird at the point of the V-shape cuts through the air and meets the greatest resistance. In turn it is the effort of that leader creature which imparts to each of the successive creatures an easier time, less resistance, in moving forward on their paths.


Our medicine is like that. No work is ever for naught; no healing ever wasted. To our many leaders 

and teachers, I offer heartfelt and profound thanks for pioneering our path forward, making our

journey easier.


Namaste and be well.


Karen Reynolds, LAc, MS, RN

Mill Valley, California 2007



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