AAAOM welcomes our members to become involved in our volunteer committees. These committees are vital to leadership and momentum in the field, and we encourage everyone to have a voice. If you are interested in participating, please contact us at

Acupuncture Science & Research Committee

 Chairperson: [Vacant], DAOM

 The purpose of the Acupuncture Science & Research Committee is twofold. First, the ASRC retrieves and critically appraises current acupuncture research data for the purposes of producing various types of critical research assessments, guidelines, and position papers for the AAAOM and the acupuncture field. Second, the committee develops and maintains professional and educational outreach projects in order to provide much-needed leadership in the acupuncture field regarding acupuncture science and to promote research literacy among acupuncture students and licensed acupuncturists.


 Conferences, Meetings & Events Committee

The purpose of the AAAOM Conference Committee is to plan, promote, and supervise administration of the Annual Conference, as well as other events, and in-person meetings hosted by AAAOM.


 Education & Credentialing Committee

 Chairperson: [Vacant], CSP, MS, LAc

The purpose of the AAAOM Education and Credentialing Committee is to provide expertise and perspective from within the professional association to any accrediting, licensing and/or educating body. Further, this committee's role is to address any concern, proposal, or question related to educational standards within the AOM community.


Finance Committee

Treasurer & Chairperson: Fotios Sardelis, Dipl OM, LAc

The purpose of the AAAOM Finance Committee is to oversee all financial dealings of the AAAOM and provide periodic financial reports to both the Board of Directors and the membership.

Good Preparation and Dispensing Committee

Chairperson: Kevin Ergil, MA, MS, LAc, Dipl OM (NCCAOM), FNAAOM


Governance Committee 

The purpose of the AAAOM Governance Committee is to assess governance practices and make recommendations to the Board on the organization and structure of the Board and its committees, task forces, councils, and advisory groups; association bylaws and procedures; board performance and self-evaluation;orientation of new Directors; development of director leadership skills, and other aspects of association governance, as appropriate.

Inter-Professional Practice Committee

Chairperson: [Vacant], LAc

The purpose of the inter-professional practice committee is to develop and provide resources that address the challenges of integrating acupuncture and Oriental medicine in healthcare settings including inter-professional collaboration and communication, practice-based learning, professional development and evidence-based medicine. The inter-professional practice committee also serves to define, promote and support professional standards that pertain to acupuncture and Oriental medicine practice in a patient-centered healthcare model such as values, ethics, teamwork, roles, responsibilities, and institutional healthcare practice.


Media Affairs & Publications Committee

Chairperson: Andrew Vu, DAOM, LAc

 The purpose of the AAAOM Media Affairs & Publications Committee is to edit and oversee communications within the AAAOM and those issued from the AAAOM. The committee provides prepared statements and information to the membership and members of the general public.

Public Policy Committee

Chairperson: Tim Williamson, CAc

 The AAAOM Public Policy Committee coordinates, guides, monitors, and implements AOM legislative and regulatory proposals and actions at the federal, state, and inter-professional (self-regulating) levels on behalf of practitioners, patients, and other stakeholders.

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