Iyashi No Michi Japanese acupuncture

  • 09 Mar 2019
  • 10 Mar 2019

Iyashi No Michi : First Ever American Workshop

March 9-10, 2019 with an optional March 11, 2019

Southwest Acupuncture College
Boulder, Colorado, USA

Translation by Heather Maya Suzuki, L.Ac. is an accredited acupuncturist in both Japan and the U.S.

Teaching by Yasuda Kanpu - Upper level practitioner of Iyashi No Michi


Iyashi No Michi offers a hands on approach to Japanese acupuncture and theory based on the teachings of the Shang Han Lun and other classical Japanese texts. Over the course of this workshop you will develop a deeper and more refined diagnostic understanding through hara and meridian palpation. You will learn how to find ‘live points’ and practice advanced non-retention needling for maximum effectiveness. Working within a fundamental kata, you will walk away from this course with a solid structure to use immediately in your clinic with confidence, enabling you to decrease your treatment time while increasing results. 

Contact information:


email: maya@bumblebeeacu.com

Website: hhttp://www.bumblebeeacu.com/iyashi-no-michi-workshop.html