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Acupuncturist wanted Decatur, GA

27 Jan 2020 7:50 PM | dr Park

We are looking for an Acupuncturist who is kind and healthy minded and have a good intention and skills.  Pay per patient.  Please apply at or

Our web:

welcome to call for an interview 678 878 3069

cell 678 822 8732


  • 25 Jul 2020 11:53 PM | DR RAVINDRA MISTRY
    Hi friends
    Have you found any acupuncturist?

    I am Dr Ravindra from India interested to work with you

    My educational + 40yrs wide experience etc details....

    One must understand that proper true genuine realistic clear-cut ethical leadership & mindful skillful approach even with extreme struggle, brings out the best in self family, & global society & that should be for continual research development advancement improvement in organization too, one must have to pay extreme attention to continuous learn & develop improvements in self, for the Creation of the True genuine new world order for self family & global proper harmonic synchronizations... Which is true genuine goals of life... According to late flying swami Vishnudevanadaji was the president to the board of international Shivananda Yoga Vedanta Forest Acadami, Founder president of the United unified one true genuine realistic new world order for self family & global proper harmonic as best very well popular Global peace activist for Globally synchronizations peace, happiness & harmony, President of global yoga Federation... Who united 2 Germany into united unified one Germany after 2nd world War.... Who predicted today's crisis since 1970 & regularly Organised several Symposium with the support of global world leaders, global nuclear scientists, doctors for global economic crisis imbalance... How can global Earthly childrens of Supreme Soul's reach into self survival 21st century & ahead... Facing the future vision... By not finding a proper resolution of nuclear power, star wars, balestic missiles, setelite missiles, biochemical weapons... World childrens shall destroy within 3seconds only if little mistake happen by super egos by super powers specially USA & China ....

    Dr Ravindra Mistry invites you to get Globally Accepted Evidance Based Synchronized Scientific Vedantic Research High Tech Advanced CosmoEnergetic Bioresonanz German Dr Voll's EAV test+ proper Foods requirements of Vitamins & Minerals test, & which one is correct Homeopathic Medicine needed test Russian Dr Korotkov's GDV & Vedic Pulse, German, Brazilian, Japanese, Russian etc medical Infra red Thermal scanning, Advanced Medical Correlation for Successful Diagnosis, Prognosen & Therapy Protocols for incurable Diseases where ever any other therapies, unwanted surgery etc has been failed... Estd Since 1981

    Hi-Tech Advanced Medical European Laser Operating System Licence Hardware Software user from Sweden GDR- USA- Canadian - Nederlands - Israeli - Belgium - France - USSR - Brazil - Japan - China - Taiwan - Croatia




    Yoga Siromani - by Flying Swami Vishnudevanandaji, Canada 1981
    Who united 2 Germany into 1 unified Germany after 2nd world War....

    Yoga Exponent India's 1st Medical Yogic Therapie Serial properly guided by Flying Swami Vishnudevananda ji, 1981 was produced by Doordarshan from Pij, Bangalore TV center, such Yogic Medical Therapy concept was accepted & granted at Sweden, Stockholm, which was sponsored, recommended by WHO, Medicina Alternativa International Alma Ata USSR, S.I.A. Paris EMLA, WMLA, etc under the Special blessings & chairmanship of King Kar Gustav of Sweden 1983

    International Yoga Teacher – CANADA, by Flying Swami Vishnudevananda ji, 1981, president to the board of international Shivananda Yoga Vedanta Forest Acadami, president global yoga Federation, founder president of True genuine new world order for self survival 21st century & beyond for Globally Synchronized united unified one families & universal health happiness harmony...

    Doctorate of Yoga – SWEDEN, 1983

    Doctorate of Acupuncture (Laser) – PARIS, 1983


    D.M.I.C. Ac. – SWITZERLAND, 1983


    Licensed Investigator For Resonant Field Imaging  System of Whole Body  & Brain Aura – USA , USSR. 2001

    Thermal Diagnosis Expert 2014, USA, BRAZIL, GDR,

    Original Kirlian GDV Diagnosis & Therapy Expert, under scientific technical support by Russian Dr Korotkov, Saint Pitersburg 2015            

    Iridology German Eye Diagnosis Expert, Maxico 2017

    Member of 2nd & 3nd   European Acupuncture Symposium – Sweden – 1983

    Member of World Association of Laser Therapy & Laser Surgery – USA – 2004

    Member of International Society for Laser Surgery & Medicine – GDR

    Member of Europeam Medical Laser Association - France

    Awarded at 2nd & 3rd European Acupuncture Symposium – SWEDEN – 1983

    Organized by – World Congress of Holistic Medicine – SRILANKA

    Approved by – Scientific Institute of Acupuncture – PARIS

    Sponsored by – W.H.O. – World Health Organization & Medicina Alternativa International – ALMA ATA , USSR & DELIVERED RESEARCH SPEECHES AS SPECIALIST

    Brilliant Educational Services Awards, Speakers Special Awards for Successful using of Russian German European US Science & Technology as Non Profit Base for incurable diseases & Successful Bridge for Allopathic Medicines Given at  24th World Congress of Science & Spirituality, - By Russian Ambassador at Zorastrian Collage - Mumbai An NGO in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic & Social Council in furtherance of the Millennium Goals of the UN ECOSOC, UNESCO, World University 9Arizona, USA), Bircham International University (Europe), Moscow State University(Russia), Tajikistan Technolu Ecuador Technological University,(South USA) & with Departments with many countries  30 - 31 Jan 2010 at Cultural Centre of Russia

    Visit us at, { } ;            >; proffessitional directory

    Award of  "Significant Contribution Made in the Progress of Medical Sciences. That Indian Scientific Vedantic Yoga is not only Art of Living/ Scientific Religion but can work as Successful Perfect Bio Medical Energy Science, which can be Successful bridge to synchronize chronize with Western Modern Medical Sciences for Successful Medical Correlation where ever necessary for Proper Successful Diagnosis & Treatment Protocol for any Emergency conditions etc”

    Each Medical Laser EAV acupuncture points are working like
    Mitochondrion – Power house of the cell, The mitochondrion is cylindrical in shape and has two membranes: an outer surrounding membrane of 60Å thick and is regular in outline ; an inner membrane which forms folds called cristae. It is on the cristae that chemical reactions occur. Since the mitochondria synthesize energy−rich compounds (ATP), they are known as power house of the cell. This process is called aerobic respiration and is the reason animals breathe oxygen.

    Mitochondria are sites of cell respiration: sugars and fats are oxidized to produce energy which is then stored.

    Mitochondrial matrix also contains enzymes for oxidation of aminoacids and fatty acids and the enzymes of krebs cycle, the enzymes of electron transport and oxidative phosphorylation located in the cristae membranes to produce ATP that provides the necessary energy for various biochemical reactions of the cell.

    These are otherwise called semi-autonomous organelles as it has its own circular DNA, ribosomes and reproduces independently of the cell in which it is found. Hence play a role in heredity by the way of cytoplasmic inheritance.


    Mitochondria are the energy factories of the cells. The mitochondria (singular: mitochondrion) are tiny bodies of varying shapes (cylindrical, rod−shaped, spherical) and sizes, distributed in the cytoplasm. Mitochondria are bounded by a double membrane.

    Each of these membranes is a phospholipid bilayer with embedded proteins. The outermost membrane is smooth while the inner membrane has many folds. These folds are called cristae. The folds enhance the "productivity" of cellular respiration by increasing the available surface area. Cristae are studded with small rounded bodies known as F1 particles or oxysomes.

    The interior cavity of the mitochondria is filled with a proteinaceous (gel−like) matrixwhich contains a few small−sized ribosomes, a circular DNA molecule and phosphate granules. Mitochondria are absent in bacteria and the red blood cells of mammals.

    Mitochondria are sites of cellular respiration, which ultimately generates fuel for the cell’s activities. They use molecular oxygen from air to oxidize the carbohydrates and fats (lipids) present in the cell to carbon dioxide and water vapor.

    Oxidation releases energy, a portion of which is used to form ATP. Since the mitochondria synthesize energy−rich compounds (ATP), they are known as ‘power house’ of the cell. This process is called aerobic respiration and is the reason animals breathe oxygen. ATP stands for the organic compound adenosine triphosphate. ATP is the chemical energy "currency" of the cell that powers the cell’s metabolic activities.

    The body of organism uses energy stored in ATP for synthesis of chemical compounds(e.g., DNA replication, transcription of RNAs, and synthesis of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids) and for mechanical work, such as contraction of muscles (for movement, locomotion, peristalsis), movement of cilia and flagella, conduction of nerve impulse and production of heat, electricity (e.g., electric eel), and light (e.g., fire flies).

    The mitochondrion is different from most other organelles because it has its own circular DNA (similar to the DNA of prokaryotes) and reproduces independently of the cell in which it is found. So, they are regarded as semi-autonomous organelles.

    All living cells have mitochondria. Some cells have more mitochondria than others. The number of mitochondria in a cell varies widely by organism and tissue type. Your fat cells have many mitochondria because they store a lot of energy. Muscle cells have many mitochondria, which allows them to respond quickly to the need for doing work.

    Its a law to CosmoEnergetic bioresonance space medicine laser Acupuncture law

    It explains body mind soul 5 senses of actions & their reactions perceptions, મન બુદ્ધિ ચિત્ત અહંકાર, 3 bodies & their 5 sheaths, 5 minds, 3 prakriti (વાયુ पित्त કફ, ઈડા पिंगला सुषुम्णा, સાત્વિક राजसिक तामसिक, + - neutral, electron proton neutron), 6 characters of diseases syndromes hot hotness dryness cold moisture dampness, centrifugal centripetal circular forces of 60 Prana, & many more to find out the true cause of diseases by using modern evidence based genuine scientific Vedantic universal global successful synchronizations knowledge protocol developed by German Russian Israel Brazil Japanese Chinese Western European Union Scientific Research

    Missing true genuine scientific Vedantic universal global successful synchronizations knowledge has been shifted to the European Unions which is now known as Bioresonanz Space Medicine High tech frequency high performance High Level genetic decoding Medical Laser Acupuncture, Medical Correlation needed, where ever any other therapies has been failed to establish the true cause of the diseases symptoms, which is Vedantic Supreme Soul's Gifted Self Healing Process of Cellular Mitochondrial's Self Generated Light Amplification stimulated emissions of radiation through Mind, Intellect, Chitt, True Genuine scientific Vedantic universal અહંકાર, 5 elements, 5sheaths, 5 mind, 5 senses of actions & their reactions perceptions, 60 Prana to fight against 360 angles of any walk of life at any stages of life, beyond time space causes & reasons against आधि વ્યાધિ उपाधि...
    In Bioresonanz Space CosmoEnergetic DNA RNA decoding + genuine precise medical Correlation where ever necessary for Proper Successful Diagnosis & Treatment Protocol for any Emergency conditions etc by traditional oriental medicine, diagnosis consists in studying the circulation of energy/ prana/ Atma/ Light amplification stimulated emissions of radiation energy with precise Magnitude fields, in the body, mind, soul, 5 senses of actions & their reactions perceptions, 60 Prana, mind, intellect, pure consciousness ego, etc parameters synchronizations and its individual systems, and the goal is to mobilize the body’s defenses and reserves with minimal use of medications. It is not a separate disease that is treated, but a person as a whole. Practiced strictly individual approach to each patient. There are various instrumental methods for determining the state of energy in the meridians and influencing the distribution of this energy. The most common are electropuncture methods. BAT are characterized by special properties: high local temperature, low electrical
    resistance and high electrical potential. All these parameters depend on the state of energy circulation in the meridians and all electroacupuncture techniques are based on their registration. Dr Korotkov GDV kirlian Photonic science USSR, Heat sensitivity: K. Akabane (Japan). Local temperature: F.G.Portnov (Latvia), A.I.Nechushkin (Russia). Electric resistance: R.Voll and Schimmel (Germany), I.Nakatani (Japan), I.Bratu (Romania). resistance and high electrical potential. All these parameters depend on the state of energy etc circulation in the meridians and all electroacupuncture techniques are based on their registration etc
    High Power Laser (HPL) raises the bar for treatment options, non-invasive, safe alternative to medicines, such as pills, injections, and creams that most human reject.

    The higher power within helps to achieve greater photonic delivery and shortens treatment times while generating a photochemical and photothermal effect, thus improving the healing of tissues. It can aid in arresting soft tissue and joint pain, in addition to its multiple wavelengths that allow for optimal absorption to stimulate rapid tissue repair.

    ISP mode promotes deep tissue penetration without added heat. This exclusive technology means that you can use the same energy but at maximum power without pulling strength away from the laser.

    allows for complete customization according to the body zone being treated, type of skin or coat hair of the patient, body weight, and skin or coat color as well as pain and chronicity level. It automatically adjusts output treatment parameters for increased safety and effectiveness based on the parameters selected.

    Providing a non-invasive laser therapy provides benefits to the patient and the clinician as it offers a quiet, pain free alternative to traditional medicines. HPL allows for further development of practices by providing an effective solution for the most commonly treated chronic pain conditions in daily practice.

    For musculo skeletal conditions
    Arthritis, tendinitis, fractures, neurological injuries, post-operative ligament ruptures, post-operative pain

    For wound and dermatology
    Incisions, wounds, bites, burns, lick granuloma, dermatitis

    Infections, oral and dental diseases
    Rhinitis, sinusitis, gingivo stomatitis, otitis, cystitis

    Efficient, quick results, less medication

    Quick pain relief, non-invasive, no pain, no side effects, short treatment time, reduced treatment stress

    friendly laser therapy

    With its distinctive characteristics, the offers an ideal solution in post-surgery rehabilitation and in rehabilitative therapy treatments too...

    Features & Benefits
    Laser light & Biostimulation
    Biostimulation is the ability to stimulate and promote tissue growth and repair at the cellular level. The wavelengths of laser light are mainly absorbed by the chromophores; molecules located inside cells able to convert laser light. The by-products of this process are indispensable substances for the repair, growth, and proliferation of cells. By using the appropriate wavelength, the maximum therapeutic effect on the target tissue can be achieved. Depending on the modulation of the wavelength and on the chosen parameters, different effects can be achieved.

    Analgesic effect - laser light converting into heat
    Laser light is absorbed and partly scattered in the target tissue, which is then largely converted into heat. This thermal stimulus to the nociceptors of the skin affects the peripheral neurological tract and polarizes the neurons important for pain perception. HPL increases pain threshold while reducing the transmission of pain stimuli to the brain thus allowing immediate pain relief.

    Anti-Inflammatory effect
    Inflammation is necessary for healing. The challenge for the clinician is to control this acute inflammatory stage in order to allow the next stage of healing to begin. effectively modulates the inflammatory processes, secondary to their deep stimulation of tissues. This deep stimulation triggers vasodilatation and increased oxygenation, which activates the main metabolic activities and resolves the inflammatory process quicker.

    Regenerative effect
    The described acceleration of healing processes can be witnessed in the following:

    Facilitating the repair and regeneration of damaged cells
    By treating nerve injuries such as traumatic or iatrogenic paresthesias
    Enabling wounds, ulcers, and mucositis to heal faster thanks to biostimulation
    The actual cascade of healing is fuelled by increased ATP synthesis and increased protein synthesis combined with cellular proliferation. The attenuation of the laser light in the tissue depends on the localization of the lesion and determines the laser power required. Deeper structures such as tendons or joint capsules may require the application of higher doses to the surface tissue.

    Antibacterial and antiviral
    Various types of bacteria can be thermally destroyed using HP Laser energy, without causing irreversible heat induced damage to tissues. The virulicid effect that deactivates or helps destroy viruses is generated by stimulation of the immune system and lympocytes proliferation. In addition, the laser treatment generates an increase in oxidative stress which affect aerobic bacteria's growth.

    Additional features and benefits
    Deep tissue penetration with power up to 15W in continuous wave
    Optimal tissue absorption due to the 3 or 4 wavelengths, (660nm, 800nm, 905nm, 970nm) emitted simultaneously or alone
    Pulse range from 1-20,000 Hz to prevent tissue adaptation
    High quality optics producing a unique homogeneous beam profile for most consistent and safest application
    Optical Zoom 1 to 5cm2 for better energy density control
    USB or Wifi for quick export of data history

    Solid-state diode GaAlAr module, reducing heat and ensuring a stable laser emission

    In European Union, USA 🇺🇸, Russland Russian Federation 🇷🇺, Japan, Germany 🇩🇪, Israel 🇮🇱, Brazil 🇧🇷, Czech Republic, France 🇫🇷, Sweden 🇸🇪, etc had developed Scientific evidence based infrastructure but still in 🇮🇳 India only basic TCM Acupuncture Practitioner + no one is using very expensive Scientific Evidance based research devices which i had have since from the first 1983 + Government of India 🇮🇳 doesn't have keen interest in it's development for Evidance based research devices for Successful ☣ Medical Correlation Infrastruktur team
    + public ignorance due to lack of conferences regd these scientific Vedantic universal global successful approaches +
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