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Corporate Partners

Guiding Principles for Corporate Relationships


The American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine's (AAAOM) Corporate Partner Program is a formal, ongoing relationship between the AAAOM and companies united in the common goal of supporting the AOM community through education, Occupational resources, media support, and legislative advocacy in our commitment to facilitate access to the highest quality of healthcare in the United States.

Our partners play an important role in supporting many of the programs and services that make AAAOM membership so valuable.


The AAAOM Thanks Its Corporate Partners


AAAOM seeks to promote the benefits and increase the accessibility of acupuncture and Oriental medicine within all models of healthcare and believes that research, education and advocacy are the key components of these goals.

AAAOM may promote these efforts by forming corporate relationships and accepting external funds such as grants, sponsorships, or gifts in support of activities that are aligned with its mission.

External funds from corporations and other entities help AAAOM to improve the quality of educational events and other meetings by allowing the association to offer general programming that might otherwise be financially out of reach, and to provide an array of value-added educational products and services to members that advance the goals of the association.

There are many typical business relationships into which associations such as AAAOM may enter with corporations and other parties. There may be overlap among approaches and hybrid arrangements could exist, but some of the most common are:

  • Sponsorship: AAAOM may accept financial or in-kind support for a specific activity such as education, research, an information product, a member service or an awareness building activity.
  • Strategic alliance: A mutually beneficial relationship may be established between AAAOM and another party. Strategic alliances are most often longer term, collaborative efforts designed to advance a shared mission or vision. AAAOM’s Corporate Partner Program is one such example.
  • Licensing: AAAOM may authorize another party to develop, produce, market and/or distribute a product that carries the AAOM brand.

Guiding principles:

No matter what type of business or corporate funding relationship AAAOM enters, all relationships must adhere strictly to certain core principles:

  • Endorsement: AAAOM will not endorse any commercial product or service.
  • Mission-related purpose: AAAOM’s relationships with corporations and other entities must have a meaningful mission related purpose or benefit.
  • Independence: AAAOM executive director and board of directors will exercise independent judgment in all decisions related to corporate partnerships. For all educational and product offerings, AAAOM will retain control over the selection of topics, educational content, speakers and related materials.
  • Disclosure: AAAOM will disclose all sponsored activities that are partially or completely financed by external funds, including, but not limited to, presentations, educational offerings, publications, and grants.
  • Confidentiality: AAAOM representatives will not disclose proprietary or confidential information of corporate partners that may be provided in the course of a relationship.
  • Exclusivity: AAAOM may grant exclusivity to a corporation or other third party on a limited basis and/or for a particular activity or event provided such granting provides a substantial benefit to mission of AAAOM. In general, however, there will be no prohibition against AAAOM engaging in similar types of activities and relationships involving similar corporations or products.
  • Consistency: AAAOM will not enter into a relationship with a corporation or other party that is inconsistent with AAAOM’s principles, public positions, policies or standards.
  • Intellectual property: Where possible and appropriate, AAAOM will reserve the right to the intellectual property deriving from projects that it sponsors and/or manages.
  • Research: AAAOM will retain control over the selection of research topics that are financed with external funds, selection of project personnel and other activities for the conduct of research activities for which external funding is accepted. AAAOM may accept restricted funds from projects that it sponsors and/or manages..
  • Acknowledgments: Acknowledgment is an important aspect of delivering value to corporate supporters. Acknowledgement may be accomplished via a variety of vehicles including AAAOM publications, meeting materials and signage, reports and other materials, as appropriate. These acknowledgments will not advertise any products or services of the supporting organization. Ultimate decisions regarding acknowledgement rests with AAAOM.
  • Advertising: AMERICAN ACUPUNCTURIST accepts advertisements for products and services. Final judgment regarding the appropriateness and acceptability of advertisements rests with the editorial staff.


For more information on corporate partnerships:

please email member services.

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