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Acupuncture Position in Flagstaff AZ

25 Jul 2019 1:36 PM | Anonymous

Acupuncture/ Oriental Medicine Practitioner position now open at Harmonizing Healthcare Clinic

We are looking for a positive, self-assured Oriental medicine practitioner who loves people and is passionate about Oriental Medicine. This is an exciting opportunity for a heart-centered person with a natural talent for caring for others and guiding their care in a direction to increase quality of life. You will get to live in a beautiful mountain community with access to hundreds of hiking trails, a ski resort, and a rich, caring community. Experience as an acupuncturist for at least 2 years is preferred. Our goal is to help you have a fulfilling, supportive, happy career. Through working together, we will be able to help more people live the life they are wanting with less pain and higher well-being. We will provide all you need to succeed, including your marketing, all the clinic supplies, the receptionist, herbs, supplements, and so forth. All you need to do is walk through the door with a positive caring attitude and do what you do best!

Our mission at Harmonizing Healthcare is to optimize the health, well-being, and quality of life of every person that walks through the door. The co-owner and acupuncturist Brittany Petrick was a Registered Nurse for over 9 years and found that healthcare needed more focus on preventative care and treating health concerns at the very root to truly make an impact on each individual life. Therefore, we dig deep into each individual life, looking at their diet, lifestyle choices, emotions, and social support system. They are given a Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis and then emailed written treatment plans, giving them the option to make necessary dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, Chinese herbs, supplements, and acupuncture to guide them back into balance. Our clinic has a full granular pharmacy to make customized herbal formulas, supplements, pill form Chinese herbs, and retail space. We serve all ages, from infants to geriatrics, and make the clinic a very family friendly environment. You will work with another Oriental medicine practitioner who is very passionate about this medicine and bridging this medicine to the Western world, treating both cash-pay and insurance-based patients. A large part of the patient population is veterans. The clinic provides a supportive environment with a caring receptionist who does all scheduling and payment for patients and an office manager that is in charge of the retail space, ordering, and marketing.

Work 20-30 hours/week, 4 days/week, eventually more if needed. Minimally 2 evening shifts (until 7pm) are required.

Check out more about our clinic at:

What You Will Be Doing/Role Description:
1. Providing care for patients through acupuncture, Chinese herbs, dietary assessments, and supplement recommendations
2. Documenting care through electronic health record, AcuSimple, and documenting appropriately and compliantly for insurance companies
3. Treating pediatrics through shonishin treatments, Chinese herbs, and dietary recommendations
4. Writing treatment plans for new patients to explain their TCM diagnosis, what they can do at home to balance their patterns of disharmony, and how frequently they will need to get acupuncture treatments.
5. Taking a full set of vital signs for every new patient and knowing when referral is necessary.
6. Making customized Chinese herbal formulas and making modifications as necessary.

*2 years or more as an Acupuncturist.
*NCCAOM Certified in both Acupuncture and Herbology
*Computer savvy and able to keep up with daily electronic health documentation
*Strong oral communication skills- able to explain the “whys” behind the acupuncture and herbal therapy prescribed, including dosage
* Experience with pediatrics. Must enjoy babies and kids- willing to teach shonishin pediatric treatments
* Able to recognize Western medical red flags and be able to take a full set of vital signs
* A vehicle that can drive in snow and comfortable driving in all weather
* Time management skills- punctual getting to work and staying on time for appointments
We will find you because you are:
Motivated, take-charge, independent, caring, honest, organized, efficient, punctual, confident, non-judgmental, compassionate, good listener, attentive, patient, and flexible.
To be considered please follow all instructions below:
In your application, please attach your resume and answer the following questions below or you will not be considered. Resumes with a cover letter can be sent to To prevent wasting your time, do NOT respond if you do not have any acupuncture and herbal experience. We look forward to working with you!
(1) What attracted you to this opportunity?
(2) How does this opportunity fit in with your current personal & career goals?
(3) Describe how your past job experiences prepared you directly or indirectly for this practitioner opportunity.
(4) Describe your experience with acupuncture, herbs, dietary understanding, pediatrics, and knowing Western medicine red flags

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