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Community Acupuncturist wanted in Seattle WA

05 May 2019 5:49 PM | Anonymous

The Community Acupuncture Project of West Seattle is looking for a licensed acupuncturist who loves working in a collaborative environment, seeing a high volume of patients in a fast paced clinic that is rooted in social justice. This is a great opportunity to work in an established and busy community acupuncture clinic in Seattle!

Hiring now for Substitute positions
Employee position begins in summer.
Training begins in June with shifts starting late July, 2019

To be considered for employment as an acupuncturist at CAP the applicant must:

Have an active Washington acupuncture license.
Have acupuncture malpractice insurance.
Be willing and eager to adopt the style of treatment we utilize at CAP (acupuncture only, distal point treatments required).
Practice anti-oppression principles and believe in liberation for all people.
Have done some reading/learning about community acupuncture and understand the basics through POCA membership, attendance at POCAFests, CA 101s, and/or working at other CA clinics.

The ideal applicant:

Has a passion for community acupuncture, a love of people and a desire to treat large numbers of patients in a dynamic, faced paced environment.
Is positive, friendly, caring, a clear communicator, dependable and works well independently while being part of a team.
Able to treat patients quickly and stay focused and calm in a fast-paced environment.
Is grounded, focused, and confident.
Loves being very busy and you are stoked to eventually treat 6-8 patients an hour
Does a superb job reading people and communicating with them in ways that really “speaks to them” and their needs, and facilitates them expressing their own unique goals regarding using acupuncture.
Is comfortable working with patients speaking Vietnamese, Spanish and other non-English languages
Has attention to detail, cleans up, helps out, and is aware of your surroundings
Has healthy boundaries and knows when to say ‘no’ to difficult patients
Is comfortable with the LGBTQ community and is body positive
Wants to live in West Seattle or South King County.
Is willing, open, and able to learn established clinic systems and treatment styles.
Has what it takes to be a part of a team: active listening skills, clearly communicate your needs, you pitch in without having to be asked, you ask questions.

Opened in 2009, 8 recliners, 2 tables, spanning two floors, located in the West Seattle Business Junction. We have established invisible reception systems and occasional volunteer front desk coverage. We utilize streamlined marketing systems to help you build your shifts. We have a well-loved and beautiful clinic that our patients depend on. We offer over 7000 treatments a year. We have relationships with the local healthcare and business communities. We have a proven track record having been in operation for over 10 years. We have a very low tolerance for shenanigans, but enthusiastically support diligent work with as many benefits as we can possibly afford. Check out our videos here:

Starts with 4-5 shifts per week (must be able to work nights and weekends) with potential for more. Additional locations, administrative duties and more shifts are all possible as we grow. Paid training at $15/hour. Hourly rate starts at $25-28/hour DOE. Paid staff meetings. PTO. Unlimited acupuncture. Malpractice and DOH fees paid after completed evaluation period. A “boss” (punk owner) that wants to see you succeed and thrive. We work hard here, and with A LOT OF HEART. We provide an opportunity to see many diverse patients while working in a fun and supportive environment. While we value experienced punks, we are happy to train new practitioners. We do not emphasize any specific style or method beyond doing what you think is really awesome acupuncture, but not making a big deal about it. We expect our punks, after training and shadowing, to navigate our online scheduling, online chart noting, and invisible receptionist.

You will be responsible and accountable for:

Greeting patients and establishing rapport within the first 5 minutes in a kind, welcoming manner
Diagnosing and devising treatment plans based on a quick review of patient paperwork and short conversations with patients
Completing 5-8 treatments/hour
Completing follow up treatments in 10 minutes or less
Completing new patient/initial treatments in 20 minutes or less
Remaining aware of community treatment rooms and its shifting priorities
Prompt beginning and end of treatments
Providing patients with a wake up call at their designated time
Charting patient notes each shift
Communicating with colleagues as needed

After training and shadowing, we have you needle and we will evaluate your performance to determine if you would be a good fit for CAP. This evaluation is based on many factors such as patient feedback and adequately fulfilling the responsibilities outlined above.

To apply:
If you’re interested, please email Sonja Sivesind a cover letter and current resume with your license number to

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